Over 100,000 Massachusetts children lack adequate nutrition each and every day. Our goal is to fill these needs through direct donations of baby food, formula and supplies to local babies in need.
100% of your donations will feed needy children here in Massachusetts.
Your donations help feed needy children.
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Massachusetts Children's Fund


Dan Levine, President
Massachusetts Children's Fund
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Make a one-time food donation to a local child

Can you Donate baby food to a local child?  A one time donation of $100 will buy 5 cases of baby food and feed a child for months.  For $200, we can feed a child for a year. Think what we can do with $1000?   

Any donation you can make, no matter how small, we can put to work to feed a child.

Our on-line systems will be up next week to accept pledges.

Can you sponsor a child monthly?

You've seen it on TV for years -  "make a difference in the life of a child in Africa for less than a dollar a day."
Why not do the same for children right here in Massachusetts?  Think about it - for the cost of a large latte at Starbucks, we can feed a child baby food for a week.  

I thought about that just the other day.   I typically stop at Starbucks once a day, for a Latte that costs me nearly $5.  That's $150.00 month on Coffee!   

For a $25 pledge of only per month, we can buy a case of baby food and feed a needy local child every day!

Can you help?      Click the Donate Online button at the top of this screen to donate right now.